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She Built Three Houses and Still it Wasn’t Enough, Flash Fiction, Ellipsis Three, 2018

Just a Casing, Flash Fiction, Ellipsis Two, 2018

Untitled, Micro, Blink-Ink Fame issue, 2018

Halt, Desist, Cease, Flash Fiction, Ellipsis One, 2017

The Last Breakfast, Flash Fiction, Flash, I Love You!, 2017

The Truth Behind the Labels, Flash Fiction, Hysteria Anthology 6, 2017

A Slice of Cherry Pie, Short Story, Scribble, 2013

The Cheque, Short Story, Playing Bingo Anthology, 2013

Always a Bridesmaid, Short Story, Hysteria Anthology 1, 2012

Dear Gerbils, Micro, This is a Book About Alice, 2012

Lillian Smith: Not Your Typical Southern Gal, Non-fiction, She’s the One, 2012


Ellipsis One:

Ellipsis Two:

Hysteria anthologies:

This is a book about alice:

Flash I love you:

She’s the one:


Ripe / Unripe, Short Story, Comma Press ebook, September 2018

The Bat and the Cactus, Flash Fiction, Riggwelter Press, August 2018

Al Fine / To The End, Flash Fiction, Train Lit Mag, June 2018

The Pelt Collector, Flash Fiction, MoonPark Review, June 2018

22 Bees, Creative Non-fiction, Flash Frontier Micro Madness, June 2018

Dead Things in the Water, Flash Fiction, Matter Magazine, June 2018

The Last Sunny Day in November, Flash Fiction, The Molotov Cocktail, May 2018

The Thing Between Your Legs, Flash Fiction, Bending Genres, April 2018

Butterfly Kisses, Flash Fiction, Spelk , March 2018

In Hiding, Flash Fiction, Cabinet of Heed, March 2018

Girls Who Get Taken, Flash Fiction, Former Cactus, February 2018

Tin Foil Hats, Micro, 50 Word Stories, February 2018

Waiting, Flash Fiction, Reflex, January 2018

Business as Usual, Flash Fiction, MoonPark Review, December 2017 (nominated Best Small Fictions)

It’s Complicated, Flash Fiction, The Airgonaut, December 2017

Dissolve, Flash Fiction, Toasted Cheese, December 2017

The Unravelling, Flash Fiction, Cabinet of Heed, December 2017

The Ticket Line, Short Story, The Ginger Collect, December 2017

Mollie Henderson’s Basement, Flash Fiction, The Ginger Collect, December 2017

Grater Knows Best, Flash Fiction, Zeroflash (second prize), November 2017

No Harm, Creative Non-Fiction, Boink Zine, November 2017

Rust and Regret, Micro, 101 Words, October 2017

Young Minds, Flash Fiction, Flash Frontier, September 2017

Forgetting to Remember, Micro, 100-Word Comp (third prize), September 2017

Just Right, Flash Fiction, The Occulum, August 2017

Living With It, Flash Fiction, Ellipsis, August 2017

Body and Soul, Micro, Modern Art By Post (first prize), April 2017

Maureen’s Last Stand, Flash Fiction, Urban Story, December 2012

Dead Man Talking, Non-fiction, Stylist Online, February 2012

Also various micros published by Paragraph Planet and AdHoc Fiction

Also various non-fiction features and articles published by Manchester Mums

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