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Girls Who Get Taken 
Work in progress, Northern Writer’s Award 2020 - Northern Debut Award
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You know three things about girls who get taken. They are sluts. They come from bad homes. They are not you. 

Girls Who Get Taken & Other Stories is a contemporary short story collection, in the weird-literary genre.

Although each story in the collection considers a different character, unifying themes run throughout: fear of growing up, inability to fit in with the world, women’s relationships with their bodies, an unwillingness to accept ourselves or our lives as they really are.

The stories meld the surreal with the everyday and blur the lines between memoir and fiction. From a pre-pubescent girl fleeing an unseen attacker using tips from television survival shows, through teenagers navigating their changing bodies in extraordinary ways, to a grieving horror-movie obsessed mother and a menopause-induced poltergeist. Throughout the book, seemingly ordinary worlds are subverted, disrupted and disordered by the women contained (or refusing to be) within them.

A selection of these stories made up my submission to the 2020 Northern Writer’s Awards and I was thrilled to receive a Northern Debut Award from New Writing North.


Originally posted 2018-06-04 15:19:29.

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